41 Places There Should Always Be Sprinkles

(Preferably in elaborate patterns on doughnuts.)

You guys, you guys, the little munchkin pin cushion!

10. On strawberries.

Recipe here.

12. Or your glass of milk.

13. On spoonfuls of chocolate.

Because yeah you casually eat festive spoonfuls of chocolate, what about it.

14. Amidst the halves of a sandwich.

20. On Oreo pops.

Recipe here.

30. And in between chocolate chip cookies.

31. And underneath and/or around ALL cookies.

Funfetti Cookies

35. Betwixt the layers of icebox cakes.

Funfetti Icebox Cake

36. Or atop little icebox cupcake stacks.

Chocolate Icebox Cupcakes

40. On apple pies.

THIS. IS. AMERICA. Recipe here.

41. On frozen bananas.

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